Industrialization and Economic Development
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This is an illustration of Rostow's ladder of development. It shows the five levels of development of his model.

This model assumes that all countries will follow the same path to development advancing through the 5 stages of development. One of the criticisms of this model is that it does not take into account what is happening in the countries around them. It assumes that only what happens within the country affects its development when in reality what happens in other countries can have a huge effect.
The 5 stages are:

1. Traditional Society
The dominant activity is subsistence farming and social structure is unchanging. Technological advancement is resisted.
2. Preconditions For Takeoff
Progressive leadership moves the country toward being more open to change.
3. Takeoff
Something along the lines of the industrial revolution occurs. Urbanization increases, industrialization proceeds, and technological breakthroughs occur.
4. Drive To Maturity
Industrial specialization grows throughout the nation. Technologies diffuse, and international trade increases. Population growth slows.
5. High Mass Consumption
A majority of workers are employed in the service industry. There is widespread production of many goods and services and people have high incomes.